Combined Therapy
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of the tools for personalizing drug treatment of oncological diseases

Drug test
We have developed a proprietary multiparameter approach to assess complex impact of different classes of cancer drugs on tumor cells. Our data demonstrates the superior clinical relevance of our approach in comparison with other traditional in vitro drug assays. We believe that implementation of the innovative drug test will guide a new way in a cancer diagnostic and development of new treatment strategies.
3D tumor models
We utilize 3D cell culture to evaluate in our drug test. In comparison to traditional 2D cell cultures, 3D models recapitulate tumor biology with greater precision. Moreover, 3D structure opens possibility for complex evaluation of the drugs' effects. Combination of physiologically relevant models and innovation approach for drug testing will ultimately improve the efficacy of precision oncology as well as drug development.
Machine learning
Our in vitro data is accompanied by comprehensive molecular profiling of tumor cells. Application of machine learning algorithms will allow to predict treatment outcome using widespread clinical diagnostics tools. In the future combination of next generation in vitro drug tests with molecular profiling and computational approaches will enable to generate molecular biomarkers for new drugs efficiently even at the preclinical stage.

Prof. Dr. med.
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Andrey Poloznikov
Vsevolod Kiselev
Sergey Nikulin
Meet our team
We believe that next-generation drug testing in combination with high-throughput molecular profiling and AI will transform precision cancer therapy in the nearest future. That is why we have assembled a team of specialists from different fields for the most effective implementation of this technology.

Sergey Sudakov
Business Development Director